With the LEC Semi-finals finished both Fnatic and Schalke 04 looked to challenge G2 in the LEC finals. But in the end FNC put down the final roadblock standing between them and redemption in a decisive 3-0 victory. FNC looks hungry after a crushing reverse sweep in the quarterfinals versus the kings of Europe, G2. Clearly that hunger paid dividends for FNC, their performance today showed that they are on another level. Lets take a look at how the semi-finals went.

Game 1

In game one FNC found themselves with a 1.3k gold lead at 10 minutes. At 11:00 a fight at Rift herald favored FNC resulting in a triple kill for Rekkles. Rekkles found himself at 4/1/1 at 14 minutes in and began to put on the pressure to snowball their 4.3k gold lead. Ultimately the game came down to a crucial pick on IgNar that gave FNC the opportunity to take the baron. S04 was unable to stop the bleeding after the baron power play and FNC marched into S04’s nexus unscathed. 1-0 FNC.

Game 2

Image Courtesy of LoL Esports Photos via Flickr

The bottom lane match up in game 2 looked to be a play making clinic with Hylissang locking in Pyke, and IgNar picking up Thresh. However, Hylissang’s early aggression was to much forcing IgNar to level his lantern first. This proved to be a fatal mistake for S04. Broxah, knowing that bot side had priority and CC invaded the enemy jungle with Hylissang. Broxah found Trick and his level 1 cannon minion support. Forcing the fight, Broxah, Nemesis, and Hylissang forced the enemy jungle’s flash and a double kill onto Trick and Abbedagge. The mid game was a slug fest on both sides, but in the end, it was evident that FNC was just always one step ahead of S04. After securing baron at 32:40 FNC broke into a 1-3-1 to press S04’s inhibitor turrets then moved on to secure the nexus. 2-0 FNC.

Game 3

Fnatic’s early game dominance spoke volumes in game three. FNC opted into an aggressive level one invade with Hylissang choosing to take his E on Pyke first, he found Trick with the invade donating a kill over to Broxah. That same aggressive, proactive play style was not only for show though. FNC produced a 2.5k Gold deficit at five minutes and continued to push the tempo from there. S04 was not down for the count however, they struck back in a beautifully orchestrated double flank by IgNar, and Odoamne resulting in picks on to Nemesis and Bwipo,evening out the pace. Unfortunately, the fight wasn’t enough and FNC’s superior map control, and pick potential spun the game out of S04’s hands. 3-0 FNC.

Moving Forward

It’s incredible to see FNC’s versatility and tempo compared to other LEC teams. Not only does this roster play the game at a high rate of speed, but they produce threats in every lane. Now do they have what it takes to take back their thrones as the rightful kings of Europe? FNC certainly thinks so, tune in tomorrow September 8th  to see two titans of the LEC go to war.