Rogue finish first half of the LEC 2020 Summer Split with a 7-2 record, tied for first in the league with Mad Lions. This week, they defeated two middle-of-the-pack teams in OG and SK to further cement their position as a league leader.


Saturday: Rogue vs OG

Rogue got off to a good start versus OG. With superior Laners in the Mid and Bottom Lane, Rogue amassed a quick 2k gold lead with an early Rift Herald capture and First Tower secure. However, OG would not go quietly. The team made a successful Tower Dive onto Rogue Top Laner Finn “Finn” Wiestål, but promptly lost their Bottom Laner and an Inner Tower in return. Rogue snowballed their lead through macro plays and good rotations, putting themselves on Dragon Soul Point. It was here that OG made an incredible pick onto Rogue Bottom Laner Steven “Hans Sama” Liv with Ashe’s Enchanted Crystal Arrow. After Picking up two kills, OG rotated to Baron Nashor, thinking themselves back in the game. Yet, as they say, Hans Sama giveth, Hans Sama taketh away. Shortly after respawning, Rogue’s Bottom Laner arrived at the pit in time to steal away the Baron.

Rogue never looked back from there. Employing slow calculated play, the team captured a second Baron at the 39 minute mark. With stronger carries and excellent wave clear, Rogue was able to break OG’s nexus.

Sunday: Rogue vs SK

The match against SK can only be known as the Finn show. Early laning pressure and solid mechanics allowed Finn’s Gangplank to deny his enemy counterpart farm and capitalize on positioning mistakes for First Blood. Two minutes later, SK, with knowledge of Finn’s blown Flash, attempted a disastrous tower dive, which ended in a 1 for 1 trade for Finn. Finn was able to exert incredible pressure on the map with his split-push and Ultimate. With space to farm and make good macro decisions, Rogue ballooned to a 6k gold lead at 20 minutes. SK never recovered from their lackluster early game, making poor positioning and macro mistakes. After securing Baron, Rogue was able to finish off SK for another 2-0 week in the LEC.

Rogue plays Excel and Schalke 04 next week.  Two wins would almost guarantee a spot in Summer Split Playoffs, where Rogue will try to qualify to Worlds for the first time.  Tune in to the official LEC broadcast next week to watch Rogue.