The League of Legends European Championship (LEC) Summer Split is set up to be the most exciting domestic tournament to date. MAD Lions, G2 Esports, Rogue, and FNATIC all look to be serious contenders for the coveted trophy. The 9-week tournament will push teams to their limit and expose their flaws. There is no hiding this summer for the teams or their star players. Roster changes, off-rift drama, and the introduction of champions Gwen and Viego to pro play have set up this split to be one to remember. But who will win the 2021 LEC Summer title?

G2 Esports

When you think of European League of Legends you think of G2 Esports. The German giants are the most successful team in LEC history and have consistently performed on the international stage. However, this year’s Spring split didn’t go to plan for this all-star team. They signed legendary ADC Rekkless from FNATIC at the beginning of the year and looked unstoppable on paper. Fans and experts alike predicted them to go unbeaten in the split but that didn’t quite work out.

They did top the group stages with a 14-4 record joint first with Rogue and looked set to take the title heading into playoffs. However, a 3-1 loss to a strong Rogue team in the semi-finals was not the end of the split they were looking for. G2 started the series well with a strong win but Rogue took the next 3 games. Each Rogue win looked more convincing than the last as G2 crumbled. The players revealed that they had been lacking leadership on the rift after Perkz left for Cloud9. It is hard to tell if this all-star roster has fixed their leadership issues between splits. But if they had they will be a force to be reckoned with this summer.

G2 Esports have also hired a new strategic coach Nelson for this summer split. He has vast experience in League of Legends Esports and will be looking to bring in ideas from the Chinese pro scene. At their best, there is no team that can stop G2 from taking this Summer’s title. The pressure is on them to perform and find a new in-game leader. Will they live up to expectations?

Predicted finish – 1st

MAD Lions

The reigning LEC champions from Spain MAD Lions will be looking to build on an impressive Mid Season Invitational (MSI) performance and take back-to-back titles. They are an aggressive team that is known for being better than the sum of their parts with their brilliant team cohesion and chemistry on the rift. This was a largely unknown roster of unproven talent that ended an era of dominance in the LEC earlier in the year. MAD Lions also took reigning world champions, Damwon Kia, to game 5 in the semi-finals at MSI and were unfortunate not to make it to the grand final. This is a huge achievement for a team that is growing from strength to strength.

British coach Mac has created a charismatic and impressive team that showed their quality in the Spring split and at MSI. They are at their best when they are aggressive in the early game and can snowball leads. AD Carry Carzzy and Support player Kaiser shone last split and at MSI. They were able to get early kills against some of the best players in the world and regularly get early leads in the lane. Furthermore, charismatic top laner Armut quickly became a fan favorite with solo kills, ruthless aggression, and impressive team fights.

MAD Lions may not be the perfect team and have plays that don’t always turn out but they have consistently shown their quality this year. They are going from strength to strength and must be feeling confident heading into summer. Individually the players aren’t the best but as a team, they are a big threat.

Predicted finish 2nd


Rogue is a massive American Esports organization that has a strong League of Legends roster that will be looking for revenge. They performed really well in this year’s spring split. They came joint first with a 14-4 record matching G2. Rogue also looked really strong in the semis against tournament favorites G2 winning 3-1. The American team looked certain to take the title in the grand final. They won the first 2 games in the best of 5 against MAD Lions but fell apart and lost 3 straight games. It’s hard to pinpoint what went wrong in the final for Rogue. But the players and the staff will have put in a lot of work to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Rogue has the potential to win the LEC summer split but it’s hard to know how the loss in the grand finals will affect them. AD Carry Hans Sama and Jungler Inspired are world-class players in their roles. Their performances will be vital for Rogue’s success. They have the players, the skills, and the resources to take the title but will the mental side get the better of them once more?

Predicted finish 3rd


FNATIC are another team that is known for their successful history in European League of Legends. With 7 titles to their name, they are the 2nd most decorated team in the LEC. However, the 2021 Spring split was one to forget with a disappointing 5th place finish. They went 9-9 in groups and looked ways off serious contenders. The staff at the British esports giants didn’t waste any time with big changes at the team. They quickly signed top lane prodigy Adam from Kcorp for a significant fee. There is a lot of pressure on the 19-year-old to perform in his debut split in the LEC. However, he is a player full of talent that dominated the EU masters for the french champions Kcorp. If he can quickly adapt to his new team FNATIC could find themselves in a good position this summer.

Due to this signing, popular top laner Bwipo has been moved to be their starting jungler. The 22-year-old Belgian pro has been underperforming in the top lane recently as he admitted in his streams. However, he is one of the most knowledgeable players in the pro scene. He hasn’t played as a Jungler on the pro stage before but many think he will adapt quickly and perform on the big stage. There are lots of question marks around this change for FNATIC and it certainly is a gamble. But it could be a significant improvement for a team that knows it can do better. This new lineup is an unpredictable entity but has great potential if the changes pay off.

Predicted finish 4th

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