Alien creatures are no strangers to Apex Legends or the Titanfall universe. We had the loveable Leviathans from the start of the game to the flyers roaming around in Season 2. Previous leaks led many to believe that new creatures would emerge as part of an LTM. Thanks to data miner Biast12 a new Apex Legends leak reveals ‘Prowlers‘ could be added soon.

Prowlers‘ were originally intended for the PVE Mode as prior leaks hinted at but that mode seems to be halted for the time being. These creatures, yes creatures not the prowler weapon, are four-legged and according to leaks, they will be hostile. The ‘Prowlers‘ also are not small creatures thanks to renders from the same data miner.

Now imagine being either the only one in your squad or trying to pick up downed teammates and this running at you. The size comparison of the ‘Prowlers‘ to Bloodhound is pretty significant. Most legends are around the same size as Bloodhound so one can only imagine the fear ‘Prowlers‘ could bring to the game.

No further info has been released of if or when the ‘Prowlers‘ will be added. We can also assume they will make their way into Worlds Edge but only the future will confirm that. For now, we can only wait for the arrival of the ‘Prowlers‘.

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