Well, it has finally happened.  Cloud9 is no longer undefeated after suffering a loss to 100 Thieves.  No just an ordinary loss though, 100 Thieves smashed them.  As the game approached the fifteen minute mark, it was rather even.  Then former Cloud9 Jungler, Juan “Contractz” Arturo Garcia came alive for 100 Thieves.  Boasting a 17.0 KDA by the end of the game, Cloud9 had no answer for his Olaf.  While this hardly scathes Cloud9’s reputation they were not the only top team to be knocked down.

Courtesy of Riot Games


Even though they suffered a mandatory loss to Cloud9, TSM suffered a second to the tenth place team, Immortals.  This game too, was largely due to Jungle difference.  With ex-Team Liquid Jungler, Jake “Xmithie” Puchero absolutely outclassing his opponents this match, TSM’s strength is in question.  Coming into the week, TSM was quite clearly ahead of seven of the other LCS teams.  However, now I worry that the TSM of Spring is back.  If TSM wants to be a title contender they can not continue to drop these odd games to terrible teams.

Courtesy of Riot Games

Evil Geniuses

The last top team to fall down this weekend is, Evil Geniuses(EG).  Losing three of their last four games, you have to wonder where the EG of Spring has gone.  After a strong start to his split, Dennis “Svenskeren” Johnsen has not been performing well.  Now, Svenskeren has proven himself to be able bounce back in the past but, where is that now?  I will sing some praise of EG as most of the time they are pushing the envelope team composition wise but, they have to execute better.  It is impossible for the EG that played this weekend to think they could challenge Cloud9 for a title.

While it is not bad for lower tier teams to push top teams (this is actually a good thing) top teams have to be able to close out and shut down bad teams.  Otherwise we are left with, as caster Mark “MarkZ” Zimmerman would say, second place soup.