With all the gear in the world, streaming is a breeze. Once all that attention is on you, how can you juggle those emotions around. Once the spotlight is on you, how can you tackle all the challenges ahead?

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The view of what is going on in stream while they work

Step by Step


Nothing in life comes easy. Viewership can be very small to none at all. That can seem like a discouragement and put people off from streaming, but “Rome was not built overnight.” Those who want to stream should keep going and not falter.


Sometimes I can be lucky enough to get one view that is not my significant other. With one view and he is the only one commenting is fine with me. No one is going to be an amazing streamer over night or with one stream, it takes a lot of work to be able to put anything online as it is. The first step is to just put yourself out there and try your best.

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The hard truth of hard work

Never Give Up


Even if no views or comments go by, do not stop. If you like something, keep doing it and you will find others. With more content and more you put into it, the more people will come and see. Currently, my Genshin Impact streams generated more views, but also my Astro Bot did for a while. Persona 5 Royal is not as popular, but I am enjoying myself and I’ll keep streaming it.


Play what you want to play, and go from there. People will come and go and that is how life is. You will always be you so enjoy what you do and stream.

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Working too hard can Lead to more stress


The Mental Toll


It comes to a point where you want to cater to your audience, but you have to remember you come first.  If you feel burnt out, reevaluate and work from there. Take it like a marathon and have a steady pace.


I had to take a break myself. Juggling school and moving around, I decided to take a hiatus from streaming. I bettered myself and soon I began to enjoy streaming again. It takes time and focus sometimes to stream, and I was losing my headspace for streaming. Coming back, refreshed, is the best I could have done for myself. I was able to stream longer and really take my time with the games which makes a world of a difference.

Working Hard to Pull the Best Genshin Impact

Pulling after hard work to get the character: Genshin Impact, Nightray4 Stream

The Overall Take Away


Streaming can be fun, but it also can be straining on a person’s mental health. Take the time you need to refresh yourself and start with what you know. Grow gradually and the viewers will come. Nothing is a quick growth and always takes time.

The more you take time into something, the better the results will hold. That was something I learned and kept at it with an open mind. Best to not stress, this is supposed to be fun after all.


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