World-class mid-laner ‘Pawn’ has recently announced his retirement on Twitter.


Pawn’s Retirement

An interview revealed that KingZone Dragon X’s world-class mid-laner ‘Pawn,’ had started suffering from mental health issues from 2018. Diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) Pawn would seek help and advice from mental health clinics as well as therapy to no avail. Pawn would continue competing during the 2018 world championship and later on sign up with KingZone Dragon X where he continued without issues. During the spring split Pawn’s OCD would come back “in a different way” leading to his retirement.

Pawn’s career would lead him to be one of the most successful players as well as a world-class mid-laner. His most memorable moment was winning the 2014 world championships and giving Faker his first professional loss on LeBlanc during MSI 2015. He has seen success in both LPL and LCK and although he is retiring as a professional player, successful players will move towards a nurturing role within the e-sports industry whether as a coach or caster.


Faker’s First Loss on Leblanc:


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Solo Queue God Dopa, Also struggles with slight OCD.

Although little is known about the solo-queue god Jeong ‘Dopa’ Sang-Gil, in the past he has admitted he suffers a similar condition to Pawn. Revered as being one of the best, if not the best solo queue players of all time Dopa would continuously climb challenger accounts despite having an indefinite ban on his ‘main’ account and any other account he is found using. 

Originally banned for Elo-boosting in the Korean region Dopa would make his statement as one fo the best solo queue players winning the tournament by reaching Rank 1 on the Chinese server. Since then, he would continue to grow in popularity for his skill as a solo queue player and is often compared to Lee ‘Faker’ Sang-hyeok. He has now had his ban lifted and continues to be a successful streamer in the Chinese region from various platforms such as Afreeca TV, YY TV and Douyu TV. Videos are also occasionally uploaded to his Youtube channel.

In one of his “Dopa talks” videos, he would admit to suffering from slight OCD. His condition meant that he feels he would play optimally without specific gaming peripherals and without those he would be less-skilled. Despite this Dopa would continue to climb the solo queue ranks establishing his name as the god of solo-queue rivalling Faker in terms of skill and having great impact for the publicity of League of Legends.

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Mental Health in Esports:

Like any competitive sports, e-sports requires awareness of one physical as well as mental health. Professional gamers will be usually be playing their game for 10-16 hour days including training, scrimmaging as well as analysing their gameplay. This would take a heavy toll on the player’s mental as well as physical health so it is important to be aware of how competitive gamer would affect a player’s condition. Last year Faker is seen in a documentary discussing his worries, mental state and aspirations as a professional player: