It was first reported back in January that punishments for Dashboarding in Apex Legends were coming. No known date was set for punishments but we knew they were on their way. Now that Season 4 of Apex Legends has launched so did those punishments. Judgement Day was a more silent punishment for those players that continually exploited the game.

Thanks to a user on Twitter, reposted by That1MiningGuy, if you received an email like the following then you were punished for dashboarding.

While the exploit was kept in the game many players question why it wasn’t removed. It does seem like it is a feature that is supposed to be in the game that wasn’t meant to be used by players, however. Instead of banning players for using the exploit players were punished by adjusting the amount of RP they had.

It also seems that players that constantly abused the exploit were reset to Bronze 4 according to That1MiningGuy.

Now that Judgement Day has passed a new RP loss forgiveness has been put in place for those needing to leave Ranked games. Whether or not it will help will be determined in the future.

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