Playing ranked in Apex Legends is a way for players to hone their skills. Season 3 of Apex Legends also came with a new point system for their ranked play. After a few weeks in Worlds Edge players found a way to leave the game and keep their RP. This would allow them to evade penalties and continue climbing the ranked ladder. A way to trick the game into thinking you crashed known as dashboarding’. Well, players who utilize this will face a Judgement Day for dashboarding in Apex Legends Ranked Play.

Senior Systems Designer for Apex Legends Eric ‘Ghost’ Hewitt commented on twitter about the subject.

Immediate bans for this action seem more appropriate but we are assured that it is being handled.

For those who are worried that crashes will be logged as dashboarding are safe. Developers can see it on their end the difference. As of right now there is no set date for when Judgement Day comes to Apex Legends. Players that continue dashboarding have been warned. Many are hoping that punishments will come before the first qualifiers but it still remains to be seen if they will.


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