During the first few months that Apex Legends was out, we got a massive character leak. This would reveal all the planned legends that were to come to the Apex Games. Since then many data miners would become known for their leaks. These included That1MiningGuy, Shrugtal, and iLootGames to name a few. These leaks have been met with mixed reaction from both fans and developers of the game. Most recently Drew McCoy, the project lead at Respawn, sent out a tweet about the most recent Season 4 leaks. This tweet was met with many opinions about leaks but leaves one question. Is data mining for Apex Legends coming to an end?

It is well known that leaks do ruin big surprises in-game. Especially when a company works so hard for their player base. It could be argued though that leaks do the exact opposite and bring hype to the game.

Desu is known for being an admin for reputable data miner That1MiningGuy. That1MiningGuy has always been vocal about stopping data mining if asked. This is what he had to say on the matter in two separate tweets.

It is true that excitement can get the best of anyone especially when it comes to a game you love. Will this tweet stop data mining for good? It is hard to say but it may slow down or limit what is shared down the line. As for now, we wait for Season 4 of Apex Legends to drop and hope there are many big surprises in store for us.

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