Welcome to TOP10 Esports – what we hope will become your main go-to place for the latest esports news, content and rankings.


Built by esports enthusiasts

TOP10 was created by enthusiasts for enthusiasts with three core goals:

  • to create valuable content for the esports community
  • to promote the esports industry as a whole
  • to help aspiring future esports professionals get a foot in the game

We aspire to be a community-directed project providing engaging and entertaining esports content across all major social channels – from trending memes to gameplay videos. Our flagship platform, TOP10esports.com will act as the central hub for our community and all content surrounding the currently popular esports titles.



Being community-directed means that anyone from within the community can become involved with the project and be more hands-on with our product evolution. Whether you have ideas and opinions you want to write about or just are interested in areas such as team rankings, you are more than welcome to become a part of the content team. As we grow so will the possibilities for the enthusiasts involved. We are hoping that eventually, anyone wanting to begin a career in esports will seek us first. We are currently looking for content creators (written and video), editors, ranking experts, community managers, event experts, marketing managers, backend and front-end developers, designers etc. If you are interested and would like to get involved please give us a shout – we cannot guarantee any remuneration but we do guarantee a fun, mutually beneficial relationship.


Our Approach

For those of you that wonder, not all decisions will be made by the community. The core team (including a selection of community enthusiasts) will be making all the final decisions but will always be listening to community feedback and ideas. Similarly, even though we are and will be community directed we still require to operate as a business. The platform itself, servers, bandwidth, development and marketing are costly. As we are trying to avoid the donation approach, we will be using sponsored articles, adverts and banners to generate revenue. So we kindly ask you to please use the links and check out the adverts (and buy from the sponsors) so that we can continue to deliver great content.


Future evolution

Currently, we are still a very early stage concept and some content might be missing or not as up to date as we would like it to be. We would like to apologize for this. You will notice significant improvements and changes as the platform develops.


I hope you enjoy TOP10 esports, and our continued efforts to build a platform the esports community deserve.

Peter Kristoffersson – The enthusiast behind

Together with the team

Bhavik Patel – Content Management

Natali Ljunggren – User Experience

Usman Mustafa  – Web Development

Tom Smith – Product & Marketing

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