Rogue has assembled a great League of Legends team over the past 2 years that has gone toe to toe with the best in Europe. They agonizingly missed out on the LEC title in the 2021 Spring split after losing in Game 5 of the final to MAD Lions. They finished first in the regular season this split with an impressive 13-5 record.  Rogue are a textbook team, brilliant in lanes, and look to control the game from minute 1. As G2’s Reckless said, “If nothing happens in the game, Rogue are ahead at 15 minutes.” However, they have often been criticized for their best of 5 management and lack of clutch plays in the big moments. But has that changed and have Rogue turned a corner?

Inspired’s Penta-kill provides the much-needed clutch factor

Fans and experts alike predicted an easy clean 3-0 sweep to Rogue over Misfits. However, this was far from the case, Misfits went in with a strong game plan and were agonizingly close to a huge upset. The plucky British team pushed Rogue all the way to Game 5, as Rogue were pushing the top lane inhibitor Misfits found their chance. Rogue had the baron buff and a 2k gold lead but Misfits had the infernal soul. A good engagement from Misfit’s support Vander followed up by a great dive into the backline from Midlaner Vetheo saw 4 members of Rogue fall.

However, Inspired on the Viego performed some of the best mechanical plays Europe has ever seen to take down all 5 members of Misfits. It is the first Penta-Kill from a Jungler in LEC history and will go down in the history books. For those who don’t know, Viego can take on the abilities of an enemy champion when he kills them resetting all the cooldowns. So not only did Inspired kill all 5 members of Misfits under their own tower but he did it with his enemy’s own abilities. The stakes couldn’t have been much higher, win game 5 and go to worlds. Inspired finished the game 10/0/6 in a game-winning performance on his famous Viego. Rogue have often been criticized for their lack of clutch factor but it doesn’t get any more clutch than that.

Can Rogue win the LEC 2021 Summer Split?

Rogue have been a force to be reckoned with all year long. They finished 2nd to MAD Lions in the spring split and are two best of 5s away from the LEC 2021 Summer title. However, Rogue have come under scrutiny for the series management in best of 5s, whether it’s questionable drafts or not learning from their mistakes. Rogue also massively underperformed at Worlds in 2020. There are doubts about Rogue despite their impressive form and their series against Misfits raised even more questions.

Nevertheless, Inspired answered a massive question. Do they have players that can step up in the vital moments? Absolutely, Inspired’s Penta-Kill proved that. Next up is the repeat of the Spring split final Rogue vs MAD Lions. It is a huge grudge match and Rogue will be desperate for revenge. Based on current form we predict MAD Lions will take this series and face G2 in the final. As painful as it will be, we believe Rogue will fall short once more.

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