As the group stage of IEM Katowice continues, we have to say goodbye to yet another patch of teams. As the playoffs come closer and closer, teams that were seen as favorites are being eliminated, while others rise above the expectations. Join us as we summarize today’s action.

100 Thieves end Tyloo’s tournament run

The Boys are not ready to end their IEM Katowice run ©ESL

100 Thieves successfully extended their run at IEM Katowice at the extend of Tyloo. The teams first locked horns on the map pick of Tyloo, Inferno. But thanks to a great showing of Justin ‘JKS’ Savage, it was the Australian squad who were victorious in the end, closing the map in 16-9 fashion. On the second map, Vertigo, Tyloo was unable to provide answers to the attacks of 100 Thieves. They only managed four rounds on their CT-side. Tyloo had a small renaissance in the second half, but it was too little, too late.


Mad Lions shockingly eliminate

The Danes achieved their first win at a big event ©Dreamhack

Mad Lions have proven that the compliment that we gave them yesterday had truth to it. The rookie squad had a fierce battle with to open the day. The match went all three maps, with both teams winning their map picks and Dust II being the decider. On that last map, Mad Lions pulled out the victory, thanks to a hard carry by Rasmus ‘sjuush’ Beck. The young Dane dropped 31 kills and was the only player on his team to have a positive K/D.


Natus Vincere triumph over NIP

Na’Vi bounced back after a disappointing loss to Fnatic ©Dreamhack

Na’Vi have kept their tournament dream alive by beating NIP with a swift 2-0. It was a dominant showing, with Na’Vi stealing their opponent’s map pick of Mirage with a 16-3 score. NIP had no answers to what Na’Vi was bringing to the table, and that trend continued on the second map, Train. Na’Vi had a very strong T-side, ending the half with a 9-6 lead. With the Swedes’ morale broken, Aleksandr ‘s1mple’ Kostyliev and his men closed out the match with a solid defensive showing.


G2 secure playoff spot over Mousesports

KennyS was unstoppable on Dust II ©ESL

G2 are through to the playoff stage of this year’s IEM Katowice. They secured their spot in the Spodek arena by surprisingly defeating Mousesports. The teams traded their map picks, so Nuke had the be the final battleground. But on Nuke, Mousesports’ star player remained silent, except for Robin ‘ropz’ Kool. On the other side, Kenny ‘KennyS’ Schrub stepped up to the challenge, having an MVP worthy performance. He helped G2 win the map and series, as the International side knows that they will at least play in the quarterfinals.


Faze takedown Vitality to set up Na’Vi rematch

Faze are starting to find their groove with this new lineup ©Blast

Vitality have been eliminated from IEM Katowice. The team, deemed as outsiders for the title, were eliminated by Faze in the semi-final of the lower bracket. Even another stellar performance by their star player, Mathieu ‘ZywOo’ Heibaut, wasn’t enough to grant Vitality a victory. Faze on the other hand looked very solid, and can look forward to an opportunity to avenge their first-round loss to Na’Vi tomorrow.


Liquid beat Evil Geniuses in a North-American derby

Twistzz showed that he is ready for the playoffs ©Dreamhack

Liquid have made the IEM Katowice playoffs. They secured their spot after a grueling slug match against their regional rivals Evil Geniuses. The match saw a great performance from Liquid’s star player Russel ‘Twistzz’ Van Dulken, who ended the match with a K/D of 72/45 over the three maps. Liquid will face G2 next for a spot in the semi-final, while Evil Geniuses will have to overcome 100 Thieves to make it to the Spodek Arena.