Mousesports end Mad Lions’ dream

Mad Lions have shown that they can hang with the big boys ©OverActive Media

Mad Lions and Mousesports kicked off the day with a lower bracket semi-final match. Going into the match, Mousesports were the clear favorites, and they delivered on those expectations. They dominated their Danish opponents, robbing them of their map pick Train in 16-10 fashion and closing out the game on their pick with a 16-4. Mousesports kept their tournament run alive and started preparing for their second series of the day.


100 Thieves upset Evil Geniuses

Jkaem had a great performance ©IEM

In the second semi-final, we saw the Aussies of 100 Thieves upset Evil Geniuses. But they had to pull out all the stops. They initially lost their map pick, Inferno, despite having a strong T-side. But EG came back, winning the map with a 16-12 scoreline. On the second map, EG’s pick of Nuke, 100 Thieves ran havoc on their CT-side. At the half, they had a nine-round lead. EG tried to come back but eventually lost the map in another 16-12. 100 Thieves, and especially Joakim ‘jkaem’ Myrbostad, carried on their momentum onto the last map. They won Dust II in yet another 16-12, setting up the lower bracket final against Mousesports.


Astralis dominate Fnatic, make it to semis 

Astralis is still on track to prolong their title ©Astralis

The clash between Astralis and Fnatic was predicted to be a battle between two favorites for IEM Katowice. But the match itself didn’t live up to the expectations. Astralis had Fnatic’s number in close to every round, dominating both Overpass and Vertigo. Despite some heroic efforts by Ludvig ‘Brollan’ Brolin, the Swedes never were in contention to win the series. Fnatic now has a long night ahead where they have to fix the problems that surfaced today, while Astralis can take a day off and scout the opposition.


G2 send Liquid to the quarter-finals

Nexa topped the charts, despite calling strats ©ESL

In group B’s upper bracket final, we saw G2 and Liquid lock horns. It was the half-French, half Serbian squad that came out on top, sending Liquid to the quarter-finals. Surprisingly, it was G2’s in-game leader, Nemana ‘nexa’ Isakovic who topped the charts after two maps. Firstly, G2 won their now home map of Dust II with a 16-12 scoreline. The map was marked by multiple players stepping up in clutch situations. On the second map, Vertigo, G2 showed that they can have solid team showings, without a particular player having to carry. This result, and G2 making it to the semi-final, will surely see the team rise in our ranks.


Natus Vincere kick Faze out of IEM Katowice

The victory was emotionaly charged for Na’Vi ©ESL

Na’Vi have beaten faze to continue to the quarter-final. The match started off on Faze’s map pick Nuke. Faze had a surprisingly strong T-side, ending the half with a 9-6 lead. They carried on in the second half, ending the map 16-8. Moving to Dust II, Na’Vi were clearly triggered to come back into the game. They won the first half and started the second half with an ace in the pistol round by Denis ‘electronic’ Sharipov. Faze never came back, losing the match 16-6. The third map was a close affair, but eventually Na’Vi managed to clutch out the victory in the closest way possible, 16-14. Na’Vi will face Liquid in the semi-finals.


100 Thieves send Mousesports packing, make it to Spodek

To everyone’s surprise, 100 Thieves made it out of groups ©ESL

100 Thieves have completed their dream run by knocking out Mousesports and making it to the playoffs. The match started off rough for the Aussies, losing their map pick Inferno in 16-10 fashion. But they came back, robbed Mousesports of their map Dust II and brought the series to the third and deciding map. Despite Robin ‘ropz’ Kool’s best efforts, 100 Thieves clutched out the victory. Tomorrow they will face Fnatic in the quarter-finals.


ESL Announcement

During the broadcast, ESL Announced that tomorrow’s playoffs will be played without a crowd attending. Due to concerns of the Polish government surrounding the Coronavirus, IEM saw it’s permit revoked. The organizers had previously announced that IEM Katowice would see multiple measures to reduce the risk, but the local government argued that the risk is still too big. The event will be played out as planned, but the stands will remain empty.