Hyper Scape is only a few days into their Technical Test but has already launched some exciting news. During the launch, many viewers and players were all asking the same question. Will Hyper Scape have a Solos Mode? The answer has now been revealed in a Reddit AMA. Yes! Solos Mode will be known as ‘Dark Haze‘ and will be available on the Technical Test on July 4th.

It looks like the mode will possibly be only last for one day but players are already excited to test out the mode. The squads’ mode does seem to rely heavily on teamwork and communication during the fast-paced combat. Solos will look to be no different as the Dark Haze will surely be an obstacle for players.

There is still time to get access to the Technical Test, closed beta, and try out Solos Mode in Hyper Scape for yourself. All you have to do is link your Twitch account to Uplay and watch a streamer with drops enabled to get a chance for beta access – find out more how to get beta access here! And if you are already playing, check out our abilities and weapons guides!

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