Have you heard of the new Battle Royale coming from Ubisoft? It’s ok if you haven’t as it seems to have popped up out of nowhere. The new battle royale entitled Hyper Scape is set to unveil it’s first look at the game on July 2nd. The new BR is garnering some attraction from a few well-known names such as TannerSlays, Aculite, and Tomographic to name a few.

So what exactly is Hyper Scape?

Hyper Scrape Promo

Hyper Scape is a futuristic FPS Battle Royale. The game will be for both consoles and PC, Free to Play, and have crossplay enabled. It is also set to have Twitch Integration.

Here is a look from the games website about the first look on July 2nd.

Enter the Hyper Scape

Prisma Dimensions is thrilled to bring you the first iteration of the Hyper Scape on July 2nd – and with it, the pulse-pounding action of Crown Rush! Get ready to drop into the neon-drenched streets of the world’s premiere virtual city, Neo Arcadia. You’ll want to hit the ground running, as you’ll need every advantage you can find to give yourself a leg up on the competition. Only the best contenders will make it to the final showdown. Will you claim victory, or fall to the perils of the Hyper Scape?

Hyper Scrape In Game Look

Not much else is currently known about the game until we get our first look on July 2nd. Do you think this battle royale will compete with the likes of Apex Legends, Warzone, and Fortnite?