Veloce Racing and Esports is the largest racing media network in the world. Veloce means fast in Italian and they sure live up to that name on both virtual and real tracks. They are heavily involved in the Formula 1 Pro series, they created the Not The GP sensation, and have a team in the new off-road Extreme E series. Veloce manages over 50 Pro gamers and content creators.ย  They get over 190m views every month over their ever-expanding network. Veloce is also partnered with 3 Formula 1 giants of Mercedes Benz, Mclaren, and Alfa Romeo. The charismatic Formula 1 prodigy Lando Norris is a part of the Veloce family. He has a media and clothing brand Team Quadrant in collaboration with Veloce. They have brought the virtual and real racing worlds together in a way that has changed both industries forever.

Not the GP breaks the mould

It’s rare that gaming and esports mix with the mainstream media but the Not the GP series did that perfectly. With COVID-19 delaying the Formula 1 series, viewers were craving something to fill the void. That is when Veloce burst onto the scene. It was a simple idea that was casually suggested in a low-key What’s App group. Get famous people to race each other on the Formula 1 2020 game and promote it to the world. Veloce executed it perfectly. Formula 1 drivers such as Charles Leclerc, Max Verstappen, and George Russel combined with esports pros, YouTubers, and elite athletes to create fantastic races. These events were watched by millions of gaming and racing fans all over the world.

They were streamed from the official Formula 1 Youtube and Twitch channels. Not only did it fill the racing void but brought racing fans together with gamers on a scale like no other. Watching the world’s best racers taking a video game seriously gave sim racing real respect from those who hadn’t seen it before. Many of the pro drivers often sang the praises of the Formula 1 2020 game as they often complimented the game’s realism. It was one of the first times that real racing and sim racing came together to create a spectacle of this scale. And this was only the beginning of Veloce’s success.

Extreme E Series

Veloce captured the hearts and minds of racing fans in the virtual world but they also made history this weekend in the Extreme E Series. The international off-road racing series is a one-of-a-kind event. Professional drivers race in the most extreme conditions to promote awareness of climate change. Veloce is competing against teams run by racing legends of Lewis Hamilton, Nico Rosberg, Jensen Button, and many more. The idea of an organization heavily based on virtual racing being involved with the best of the best is truly extraordinary. Although their first weekend didn’t quite go to plan.

Despite that unfortunate incident they have created a team full of huge names. Legendary engineer Adrian Newey is leading the charge as Lead Visionary and former Formula 1 driver Jean-Eric Vergne is also a key figure. Their driver lineup consists of one of the best young British female drivers ever in Jamie Chadwick. Alongside 6 time Le Mans Podium finisher Stephane Sarrazin. Clearly, they are well respected at the very top in the world of real racing.

A huge success in F1 Esports Pro Series

Veloce also operates 3 of the 10 teams in the F1 Esport Pro Series: Mercedes Esports, Mclaren Shadow, and Alfa Romeo Racing Orlen esports. Running 3 very successful teams in one of the hardest esports in the world is yet another credit to this fantastic organization. Alpha Romeo and Veloce driver Jarno Opmeer won the F1 Esport Pro Series last year in style. After his title, he transferred to Mercedes Esports but stayed within the Veloce family. But Jarno Opmeer was only the tip of the iceberg. All the Veloce run teams had successful campaigns in the 2020 Formula Pro Series. Alpha Romeo came 2nd in the constructors with Mercedes and Mclaren finishing 4th and 6th respectively. Veloce has built a great roster of impressive sim racers. They will have their eyes on many more trophies in the future.

Veloce has combined real and virtual racing in a way that has never been done before. They have created a brilliant network in both industries. Furthermore, their growth has helped the sim racing industry massively. They have provided great content for fans, helped pro drivers reach their potential, and given content creators a platform to grow. I would love to see other organizations take this approach to esports and the mainstream. They are a credit to esports and have changed the industry forever.

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