We have all come across the dread 1v3 situation in Apex Legends. For some being able to take on an entire team is easier said than done. Sometimes the pressure and nerves hit or other times your instincts kick into overdrive. Whatever the case may be one thing for trying to 1v3 an enemy team is always positioning. A recent Reddit post shows off the 5 golden rules for 1v3s in Apex Legends.

5 golden rules of 1vs3s (1min) – more details in the comments! from r/apexlegends

These 5 Goldens rules by Reddit user Apocallypsee are great if you’re just getting into the game or trying to pick up new tricks.

Here is a reiteration of those 5 golden rules for 1v3s:

  1. Use their overconfidence to your advantage
  2. Make sure you always split it into 3x 1v1s
  3. Always thirst the first guy
  4. Use high ground and mind games to split the opponents and take them by surprise
  5. Use cover to your advantage

Looking over these 5 Golden Rules for 1v3s is pretty smart and something most players do regularly especially rules 4 & 5. Rule 2 is something many players hope for but sometimes timing or position is unfortunate. However, in this video, the player makes this 1v3 look like a piece of cake which shows they have perfected this technique.

In the comment section of the Reddit post, the user goes over a bit more in detail regarding all of the steps. What do you think about these 5 Golden Rules for 1v3s in Apex Legends?