The Mid Season Invitational (MSI) 2021 was a tournament to remember. After a 2 year absence, the prestigious League of Legends tournament had finally returned and it did not disappoint. Fans went wild for the MSI 2021. The international tournament had an average viewership of 711,465 and peaked in the final at 1,838,876 viewers (excluding viewership in China.) It had everything, pentakills, upsets, brilliantly close games, and Australian underdogs that made history.

However, it will be remembered for the Chinese all-star team Royal Never Give Up (RNG.) They blew away their fierce competition with a 78% win rate over the entire tournament. They were one of the favorites to win the tournament but dealt with the pressure brilliantly and they won their trophy the hard way. RNG beat world champions Damwon Kia (DK) in the fifth and final game to win their second MSI title in 3 years. They are an exceptional team with 5 world-class players. So what makes them so good?

A team that can do it all

Royal Never Give Up are a team that can play every style. They can bring aggression that the Chinese pro league is famous for. But they also have exceptional team fighting skills, can play split push compositions, and are brilliant at adapting to slow macro matches. Any early game mistake will be punished hard by RNG. They can snowball games out of control to win games in the first 15 minutes. Jungler Wei is exceptional at the early game. He can create a lead out of almost any situation for himself and his teammates. His decision-making, objective control, and adaptable champion pool makes him one of the best junglers in the world. RNG are brilliant at the early game and Wei is the star when they play aggressively.

However, if they aren’t able to create an early lead they always perform in win team fights. Support player Ming was exceptional all tournament long on engage supports. He averaged 10.6 assists per game which was the highest at MSI 2021. His ability to single out an opponent to start a fight is world class and his synergy with his teammates is perfect. He always lands his key skill shots on key targets and the damage dealers can take them down in an instant. Blink and you miss it with RNG, one small misstep and you have lost the fight to RNG.

Ming was the difference in the final against Damwon Kia. Many of the fights were very close with the two exceptional teams going toe to toe. However, Ming outperformed DK’s support Beryl which was the key difference in a tense back and forth final. Beryl made many vital errors in the final which cost DK at many crucial moments. He died too many times in lane and misstepped a few times in major team fights. Ming was able to punish this perfectly every time. The bottom lane was the difference in the finals and it all came down to Ming and Gala.

The Rookie AD carry Gala who stomped the competition

There were lots of questions about how RNG would perform after legendary AD carry Uzi retired last year. He was arguably the best AD carry in League of Legends history but retired due to injury. 20-year-old Gala had huge shoes to fill when he joined RNG in 2020 but wow did he fill them. He was named MSI’s most valuable player this year and was phenomenal all tournament long. Gala got 126 kills in 26 games (the most in the tournament), 8 solo kills, and boasted a 5.7 KDA.

He has defined Kai’Sa in League of Legends pro play. The Chinese AD carry is no doubt the best Kai’Sa player in the world, he played the champion 16 times at MSI. He made extraordinary match-winning plays, again and again, diving onto opponents and taking them down in seconds. Furthermore, Gala proved he can do it against the very best with 37 kills and a quadra kill in the grand final. Fans across the world can’t wait to see how far he can go. He has a long career ahead of him and is the star of this incredible team. The Chinese Pro league is looking to be the strongest in the world right now and Royal Never Give Up are the cream of a very strong crop.

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