The last and final week to earn an exclusive loading screen from Community Created is here. Simply watching an hour of an Apex Legends streamer grants you this exclusive loading screen in-game. If you missed any of the other weeks you now have the chance to earn all the loading screens in one go. You can watch any streamer for a combined total of 3 hours to get access to all the Community Created loading screens.

For those unaware Apex Legends collaborated with artists in the community to create special loading screens. These are known as Community Created items that can be obtained by watching a setlist of streamers. It looks like Apex Legends may continue going forward with this idea with other exclusive in-game items.

All of the loading screens from the Twitch drops were fantastic and showed the love that fans have for Apex Legends. Going forward we would love to see more collaborations between community artists and Apex. We can only imagine what the community would come up with.

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