So you’ve thought about it. You’ve seen the advertisements for it. You know there’s more coming. You’ve played it before and have thought about trying it again. No, it isn’t World of Warcraft. It’s Hearthstone and now is the perfect time to get into the game. Why, you may ask? Let’s cover it in this week of Approaching Esports!

It’s time for new decks

A large, new card set (with over 100 new cards) called Saviors of Uldum just dropped. This new set comes a new mechanics called “Reborn,” which allows a destroyed creature to return to the battlefield with 1 hp and Plagues, which are spells that have devastating impacts when played. This is a game-changer, as minions are stickier than usual. Players will be hard-pressed to clear the board with Reborn. Diving in now and organizing a deck could end up you finding a new meta to dominate. It could also lead to a devastating defeat in which you go through several keyboards. Deck construction is vital in the early stages of card set releases.

Tournaments and Leagues

Also with new card sets come announcements of leagues and tournaments. The week before the set even dropped, a tournament was held with professionals to see what creativity can be found before the public gets into it. So with all the knowledge already released it’s great to start forming decks to take to digital tournaments. Climbing the ranked ladder is a great time now, as meta shifts towards newer cards. There also tends to be minor tournaments held through Battlefy,,, and other sites. These sites allow users to learn the basics of play before hopping into a bigger tournament. Remember that not all tournaments are run the same.
Early Eyes on New Sets
Early attention to the new set can bring new eyes to the game. Let’s say that you stream. This new set is out and you want to start making an impact. You start building a deck and do decent on Ranked. This could, in turn, lead to more viewers and more opportunities if things really start to take off. With new sets, people WANT to see what creative minds can bring to the meta. They want to see what happens in the game and what’s changed. It happens almost every update to some of the most popular games and usually stays for a few weeks afterwards.

Improve the Meta

So what happens if you’re not the best at building decks? You’ve tried and tried but can’t get a winning formula together. So do yourself a favor. Lookup a popular deck currently in rotation and try to improve the deck or change it to your playstyle. Keep the core mechanics or even add more to really make this deck yours. Top pros often take a skeleton of the popular meta decks and change things to throw a wrench into the plans of opponents. Why can’t you?
So get in now and I hope to see you at the next Fireside Gathering!