When you think of esports what are the first few games that come to mind? Titles like CS:GO, League of Legends & Dota are just a few that are the most popular. The sheer competition that comes from team-based games at seeing who is better in their lanes or better at their shot. Have you ever thought who is better at stacking bales or on the fields overall? In the first edition of The Competitive Side, we look at the Farming Simulator League.

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The Farming Simulator League first got its start in 2018 being known as the Farming Simulator Championship. The premise is simple. Which team can create as many bales from a wheat field and store them in 15 mins? There are rules and only a set amount of equipment that you can use. Now GIANTS Software is ready to tackle a full-on esports scene for their game.

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Now shifting to a full-fledged esports league teams will play in 10 tournaments across Europe. Each tournament will grant them circuit points and a chance to win some money. This will eventually lead them to compete to become the Farming Simulator Champion. It will also include a 100.000€ prize pool in the championships. All the tournaments combined will accumulate a total of 250.000€.

With sponsors such as Logitech G, Intel, noblechairs, and Nitrado the scene will surely thrive. Christian Ammann the CEO of GIANTS Software believes the mix of competitiveness and gameplay is the right way to introduce the league to the world. “We have lots of eSports enthusiasts in our company who can’t wait to show the world that farming can indeed be fun and competitive at the same time.”

Did you expect a game like Farming Simulator to join the esports scene? What game would you like to see on The Competitive Side?