Community Created was very popular amongst fans during its debut last season. Being able to receive a new loading screen while discovering new content creators is a great idea. Fans really loved the art that community artists interpreted in their own way. Now the next week for Emergence Community Created for Apex Legends is now live.

For those who may not know you can earn this exclusive loading screen by watching certain Twitch streams. Posted on the Apex Legends Twitter, each week there are new streamers you can watch for a total combined 1 hour to obtain this loading screen. All you have to do is make sure your Apex Legends account is linked to your Twitch account.

These Community Created pieces are fantastic and a really great way to showcase the communities creativeness. There are so many talented members of the Apex Legends community and Respawn has done a spectacular job of showing that off. This week’s loading screen will run from September 7th to the 14th. Remember you can always keep up to date with the next Community Created items by following Apex Legends on Twitter.

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