Easter Eggs are always something to keep an eye out when playing your favorite video game. And it seems that Apex Legends may have just implemented an Easter egg that could confirm Crypto’s debut into King’s Canyon.

In a post made by Reddit user u/FrozenFroh, it seems that there are TV screens with a loading bar that is currently rising in real-time. It was last marked at 31% and is being watched closely by the Redditor. This is already sparking massive discussion as to what the loading screen will show once it reaches 100% but many are speculating that this is the work of the hacker Crypto.

Crypto has begun hacking something in King’s Canyon, the bar is currently at 28% from r/apexlegends

Whether it’s part of the Voidwalker event, a tease for the highly anticipated Season 3 or indeed the introduction of Crypto into the Apex Games, only time will tell once the loading screen hits 100%.

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