Apex Legends has been a very popular battle royale since its release. Fans of the game have been asking for a mobile version of the game since its launch. It was confirmed in Season 2 that the game would get a mobile release. However, no official release date or developer was set but that has all changed. Daniel Ahmad, an industry insider and analyst, confirmed EA found a Chinese partner for an Apex Legends mobile release.

Now that the game finally has a developer all we are waiting for is an official release date. This also isn’t the first EA has partnered with a Chinese company for a mobile release. They previously partnered with Tencent for Call of Duty Mobile. Partnering with a Chinese company also allows them to bring a global release to the game.

Rumors of the game coming to the Nintendo Switch were also shut down. Previously it was said fans should “stay tuned for the future” but it doesn’t seem likely now. Ahmed also stated that they were “looking to put more games on the platform,” but that won’t be anytime soon.

For now, Apex Legends is set to release its highly anticipated Season 4. A new legend and a new weapon is on its way with the newest season. We can only hope the partnered developers capture the unique world Respawn has given us.

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