What a crazy ride this Dota 2 ESL ONE LOS ANGELES Eu & CIS 2020 final has been.  A lot of surprises came up in our path, like Secret losing to OG because of the 3 Divine rapier Gyrocopter of Sumail, and then losing to vikin.gg in the lower bracket.  Or OG losing to VPs’ Techies blowing them all the way down to the lower bracket… In the end, the two best teams made it to the finals.  Let’s go over scene by scene of the amazing Dota 2 ESL ONE LOS ANGELES Eu & CIS 2020 final OG vs VP.

Game I

ESL ONE LOS ANGELES Finals – Images provided by Dotabuff.com

ESL ONE LOS ANGELES Finals – Images provided by Dotabuff.com


First of all, I don’t understand why OG gave the Death Prophet again to VP, and I don’t know how I feel about the Beastmaster going mid, especially if Sumail is first blood. And second blood. While Axe is doing great in bottom pulling the creep waves.

Poor Terroblade gets pushed out of the Lane and tries to farm neutrals way too early for his taste. Pangolier is doing his best to slow down the Axe, but it’s tough and he is getting big. After a good rotation and top to get the Phoenix at minute 12, Terroblade ends up dying but also the Bristleback. 

Minute 17: VP takes the first Roshan with no contest. Resolution is out of control and the Terroblade keeps dying. the score is 21-6, and an 11k gold lead for VP. At Minute 22 they knock on the high ground middle, they get the first Tower, sure, and the first couple of kills, yes, BUT with a  great rolling Thunder from Saksa the Deathprohet and the rest of VP get wiped! a successful defense of OGs’ base, but is it enough? 


After respawning VP come back and take the middle barracks successfully. Terrorblade is now second in net worth because of the last fight, and OG wants to make something happen. They smoke to initiate but n0tail dies immediately and after, Sumail. The Oracle dies but Exorcism is up, and now VP is taking OGs’ bottom barracks. Minutes after, when they respawned, OG tries to contest Roshan, but it didn’t work out fellas, and now VP has Aegis and Cheese, everybody in OG dies around their secret shop, clearing the path for the top Barracks and that gives VP mega creeps. Gg is called.



Game II

ESL ONE LOS ANGELES Finals – Images provided by Dotabuff.com

ESL ONE LOS ANGELES Finals – Images provided by Dotabuff.com


This time, I don’t know why they didn’t ban Necrophos?  At least OG are winning the laning phase, and this time Sumail gets first blood.  They really need to kill the Necrophos several times, It takes a lot of resources but the Necrophos dies twice within the span of a couple of minutes, the second time being a great team-wipe at minute 11, the score is 9-3 with a 2k Gold Lead for OG. Soon after, they get another 3K with after a clean Wall from the Dark seer, and then a Duel win for Ceb, everything is looking good so they head onto Roshan.

Minute 16: another a Duel kill onto the Necrophos and Sumail chases the Oracle all the way up to his base. Half of the map is OGs’. They take a very quick second Roshan at minute 21. Now the Necrophos is very behind. At minute 23 OG is testing VPs’ on tops racks., and at 26 minutes and the mid barracks are gone. Awesome Vacuum with the Wall combo, and Oracle dies, immediately buys back but the fight breaks off. Oracle eventually dies and OG start hitting the tier 4 towers, not even bothering about bottom racks. They get a couple of buildings and fallback, OG is scary right now.

The score is 21 to 4. VP smokes trying to get a black hole initiation, but the smoke breaks off and they don’t do anything. Instead, a Vacuum and Wall from the Dark seer comes first, now they use the Blackhole but its too late, all VP dies and GG comes up in the chat, 30minutes in. Pretty straight forward game for OG.

Game III

ESL ONE LOS ANGELES Finals – Images provided by Dotabuff.com

ESL ONE LOS ANGELES Finals – Images provided by Dotabuff.com


Before the bounty runes appear OG gets first blood, and at a minute and a half, they get the second blood. But VP strikes back minutes after, and with a little miss-step in middle both  Shadow demon and Morphling die.

VP composition is very Brawly, and they want to fight. They keep finding targets and ganks. However, at minute 16 OG get a couple of kills and takes the middle tower, soon after they smoke jump onto the invoked, he dies and buys back, nobody’s dying for a while but Ceb gets too far behind, the Chronosphere comes onto the Pangolier, he lives for a minute and he trades for the Ancient Apparition, Pangolier buys back and OG get invoker once again, that’s a die-back, they are now chasing, Mars gets the shadow demon and then dies, but overall a good fight for OG.


Minute 20: Og are deep at the top lane, they find Ancient apparition and the Phoenix the dies trying to save him, then The Faceless void gets poped and OG are looking good to take the top barracks. Sumail is too big and scary right now, he stands his ground and 2 seconds after 3 of VP are dead, allowing them to claim the second sets of racks. Another double kill for Morphling and now 4 of VP are dead. They go onto the throne and a couple more kills in GGs come up. OG are waking up in this Dota 2 ESL ONE LOS ANGELES Eu & CIS final!

Game IV

ESL ONE LOS ANGELES Finals – Images provided by Dotabuff.com

ESL ONE LOS ANGELES Finals – Images provided by Dotabuff.com


VP takes first blood, but OG quickly traded back for the Ember spirit, and seconds later, Iltw dies again the second within a minute.

The Bat Rider cutting the waves very efficiently, and even finding good pickups which eventually lets him take the first tier 1 Tower top. They are trading blows, but at 11 minutes in OG is 4K gold ahead, the enchantress is hitting super hard,  however, she dies, and then Sumail, with a great fight for VP. Such is the comes and goings in this game.

Minute 15: OG tries to get Roshan, and Sumail gets the Aegis. For his teammates to die just moments later as a great lasso comes in, and VP finds 3 easy kills. VP takes back a little of map control, and the gold lead is now in their favor. Not but a minute later they get the storm spirit with a faded Aegis, who immediately but buys back and, and dies back,  and the Earthshaker, and the Abbadon, and the storm spirit again a minute later, yikes. VP now Leeds with a 7k gold advantage.


 Minute 24: ILTW is now beyond godlike, VP has control of the entire map. It’s looking grim for OG. They try to avoid the Batrider from taking their outpost, but in doing so  5 people die and VP takes Roshan. Noone now has the Aegis and Templar-assassin is getting out of control. At Minute 30, Abbadon and N0tail die letting VP take the middle racks. Little after everybody else dies in the Radiant base and GG is called, and we’re all happy, this Dota 2 ESL ONE LOS ANGELES Eu & CIS 2020 final definitely deserves all 5 games.

Game V

ESL ONE LOS ANGELES Finals – Images provided by Dotabuff.com

ESL ONE LOS ANGELES Finals – Images provided by Dotabuff.com

First blood goes to VP in bottom. Beastmaster and Bristleback are having a hard time during the early game. At minute 8 Sumail gets a triple kill after Noone’s Storm Spirit got too cocky, and then a double kill bottom. 1k goal lead for OG. At minute 12 they take the first tier 1 tower top. However, the map is still very even.

With a very quick Russian, Sumail takes the Aegis, VP contests the fight, however, the Oracle is the first one to die. He buys back as well as a Silencer, OG is chasing the Storm Spirit, eventually backing away.

Sumail keeps playing aggressive, picking off the Oracle while pushing all the way to the tier 3 tower in middle, then the Bristleback dies and they take the tier 2 mid. OG is getting ahead 16 minutes in with a 3k gold lead. Now OG controls pretty much the entire map, and only a tier-2 bottom tower is standing for VP, and even worse, OGs’ lineup is better the later game goes, or so I thought.

After a great fight for VP, with the storm spirit and the Bristleback both living in 1 hp and taking out 4 of OG, Sumail overcommits and dies.


At 23 minutes in, Beastmaster dies first, Dazzle saves a lot of VP, but eventually dies and the False promise fades away, also, the Oracle dies. Big win for VP as they get 4 of OG. At least Tusk saves the tower middle. Now the lead is 3k gold for VP, and the score is 16 to 14, 25 minutes in.

Minute 45: Big fight leaves OG with a little bit of breathing room, trading 3 for 5 of VP after a really long fight while defending their base, on respawn VP smokes and goes into the Radiant jungle to find an objective, is the closest nearby is Enigma but he backs away and the smoke is broken.


Little after, Saksa initiates on Solo and gets him, he buys back right away and the silencer dies, now he buys back as well and everybody gets back until the BKB Blackhole is used, Pangolier still chasing with Rolling thunder gets Silencer, who dies back, after that Sumail is gone the Enigma dies, they need to try to defend but before they know it the mid racks are gone. 

VP moves on to bottom, they get the tower and right after a great kick on to The Bristleback knocks him into the high ground, but he’s too tanky, Saksa is trying to buy as much time as possible but he dies and VP take the bottom racks as well,  now onto top and, also clean the barracks and start pushing for the throne, now is only the silencer watching his throne getting melted, and finally GG is called, VP  are the Dota 2 ESL ONE LOS ANGELES Eu & CIS final champions! And I need to catch my breath.


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