Apex Legends has plenty of Easter Eggs hidden around its maps. Most notably the Nessies that Wattson left around the maps as a child. However, there is a clip that surfaced recently showing what might be a dog in the Planet Harvester. Many disagree that its the newest Wraith skin but other players say they’ve heard barking approaching the Planet Harvester. So this begs the question “Are there dogs in Apex Legends Planet Harvester?”

In a Reddit post made by u/SheeplessWolf, you can clearly see the outline of a creature running.

I swear to god I saw a dog running around in APEX. I did the best slowmo job I could do. Please someone confirm this. When we went to investigate there was no one up top other than a solo Bangalore hiding. from r/apexlegends

There are many skeptics who claim that this is either Revenant crouch walking or Wraith’s newest skin with her cape behind her. Looking at the video during the slowed downed footage you can clearly see it is not a legend but it does resemble more of a dog. It wouldn’t be the first time creatures appeared on a map after some massive changes. Of course, we are recalling when flyers showed up in Kings Canyon after some big changes were made.

This lead to an investigation on Twitter by ApexIntel and That1MiningGuy.

The enhanced audio definitely gives us something to think about. Now the real question is are the dogs teasing new creatures coming to Apex Legends or are they teasing the arrival of Loba? Many have suggested this is a way to tease the introduction of Loba as they could be wolves instead of dogs but that is more speculation than anything right now. For now, it remains a mystery and no official word has come from Respawn on the matter. Now we wait and see what else pops up on Worlds Edge and the Planet Harvester that may give us more clues as to what the creature could be.


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Rogue is a well thought out character. Simple yet effective for a map like Worlds Edge. While he only is a concept seeing a character like him join Apex Legends would be interesting. We are still waiting for Revenant and Loba to make their debut in the Apex Games. While character concepts like Rogue are getting the community talking we can only hope to see someone like him in Apex Legends soon.