Every new expansion Blizzard never fails to include a ‘Meme card’  and Saviours of Uldum is no exception.

Hearthstone is fun for a multitude of reasons, one of which being the mind-blowing combos you can perform against your opponent. Some of the most bizarre combos often contain cards that are considered too weak to see play in meta decks. However, what these cards lack in consistency and reliability, they make up for in their fun and outright hilarity.

Saviours of Uldum, of course, brings with it another ‘Meme Card’ for players to experiment and build around.


This being Desert Obelisk.

Desert Obelisk is certainly not a meta defining card. It will take a lot of work and a deck centred around spawning several obelisks if this card is to see any success. However, that’s the magic in a card like this, theory-crafting ways to make a seemingly useless card work.

Players are experimenting with several combos to make Desert Obelisk effective. Here a few popular ones you could try:

  1.  (Standard) The first is for Rogue, the combo begins with Myra’s Unstable Element. This is followed by playing an Augmented Elekk and a Desert Obelisk. You then use Shadow of Death to shuffle multiple obelisks into your deck. Six Desert Obelisks are then summoned. This will deal 30 damage at the end of your turn, allowing for a potential OTK.
  2.  (Wild) The next is for Druid and involves casting Twig of the World Tree. Then using the Twig’s deathrattle to cast two Desert Obelisks, Gloop Sprayer and then a Drakkari Enchanter. This results in a 40 damage end of turn effect, with the potential to OTK.

Who can’t wait to spend hours attempting to perform a successful Desert Obelisk combo? Cards like Desert Obelisk may not shape the meta, but they certainly add an element of fun to Hearthstone that is looked forward to every expansion.