The Apex Legends System Override event is an interesting event that Respawn has released so far. The latest LTM titled ‘Deja Loot‘ is simple. Loot spawns in the same place every game and the only thing that changes is drop-ship pathing and end circles. Those two factors change on a day to day basis. You may have stumbled upon good loot but sometimes at what cost? Knowledge is key to this game mode. Here is a Deja Loot map for Apex Legends that shows the best locations to loot.

Thanks to Reddit user koz1769 a map that shows where to find the best loot in the game was posted to the r/apexlegends thread.

I started a map of all the important deja loot locations. I’m away working for the next few days so this is as far as I got. Feel free to add to it! Enjoy from r/apexlegends

In the comment section of the post, you can also see more locations being added by other Redditors. Make sure to keep in mind that this map is a great starter to figure out where to find some good loot. Now that you know where good loot is on Worlds Edge in Deja Loot let the fight begin.

The second week of the System Override event will take place back in Kings Canyon. You can be sure a map will be created to help show some of the loot there as well. With only a few days left of Worlds Edge are you going to take advantage of this map?