When Apex Legends first launched it took the battle royale scene by storm. Fans of the Titanfall series and battle royale genre fell in love with the game. Respawn has continued to prove why Apex stands apart from other battle royales with immersive lore for their legends. During the first few months of Apex, all the legends Respawn had in store for their game were leaked. Now a year later a new leak shows a list of characters coming to Apex Legends.

Data miner Desu, who is known for being an admin for That1MiningGuy, has a new role in the Apex Legends data mining community. The data miner leaked a list that shows, in order, the legends to be released. The list was posted on Desu’s Twitter.

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Leaked Legend List via Desu

There are plenty of names on this list that are very familiar. We knew during the trailer for Revenant, Loba would be the next legend to enter the Apex Games. Other names like Rampart, Valk,  and Downfall were part of the original legend leak. However, Blisk was one of those big names coming from Titanfall and wasn’t part of the original leak. He is also has a huge part to play in Apex Legends as he is a big part of the Apex Games.

A lot of the ‘Future’ & ‘Offline’ legends on this list are also linked to the original leak. Conduit was leaked back with Forge while Fuse and Firebug are new names. This leak reveals a lot of information regarding Apex Legends future now we can only wait to see what is in store for the game.


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