Since the launch of Apex Legends, we knew that new characters would be added to the game on a three-month basis with Octane and Wattson being your last two added champions. Rumors had been making their rounds as to whom the next champion would be. While Blisk was a considerable name being thrown around Crypto was a fan favorite to be added and according to data miners, it was almost a given he was next. However, with certain circumstances of the Apex Games attempting to be hacked, it was all but certain that Crypto would be making his debut in Kings Canyon.

In a post made on September 10th by Reddit user u/FrozenFroh, we were given one of the first looks at the loading bar on TV screens inside Kings Canyon. These screens could be seen inside Singh Labs as part of the Wraith town takeover and inside the watchtowers. Many users tried calculating when the loading bar would make it to 100% but we patiently waited for a few days.

Crypto has begun hacking something in King’s Canyon, the bar is currently at 28% from r/apexlegends


Once the loading bar had hit 100% nothing had changed much until it was pointed out by a player that the announcer was glitching and then the champion banners that are displayed around Kings Canyon had an error message.

Crypto event discussion. Part 1 from r/ApexLore


During the Apex Legends Preseason Invitational, it was noted by some fans watching the event that the characters on the main screens of the event were glitching. While others argued it was part of the event it most likely was another easter egg from Respawn. The Monday after the Preseason Invitational was over it was looking like the Apex Legends twitter page might have had a visit from Crytpo as well but of course it doesn’t end there.

Players started to notice the ‘Attempt Failed’ message had now changed to ‘Access Granted’.

The signs now say Access Granted! from r/apexlegends


If that wasn’t enough for players to catch that easter egg well u/FrozenFroh has us covered once again. It seems hacking into the Apex Games just took a little bit of patience and who knows maybe the password wasn’t changed from Luggage12345 (Shoutout to Respawn for the awesome Spaceballs reference) but the long-awaited fan favorite hacker has made his debut into Kings Canyon.

CRYPTO has appeared!!! He ran away! from r/apexlegends


The tease of Crypto has been one of the most talked-about Easter Eggs in Apex Legends so far and with Season 2 coming to its close in two weeks Season 3 is already the talk amongst the Apex Legends community. As of now, it’s confirmed Crypto is joining the Apex Games in the upcoming season but what was he up to inside Singh Labs? Only time will tell what Crypto was gathering from the labs but we can imagine it’ll be spectacular.