On October 1st Season 3 of Apex Legends will be kicking off with Crypto being added as the newest champion into the game. We have been teased with Crypto’s loading bar decryption in-game that was on display for all players to see in Singh Labs and on the watchtower monitors. For a while, he tried hacking into the Apex Games but was unable to as an “Attempt Failed” would pop up on the champion banner screens for all to see. As he finally gained access we were given an introductory appearance to the mysterious hacker as you can view him in Singh Labs. It doesn’t seem to stop there.

As of the 24th of September, the official Apex Legends Twitter page sent out a tweet with a little bit of lore of the esteemed hacker but the words were a little glitchy.

It seems that Crypto is trying to send us a cryptic message of some sorts but why would the hacker stop there? In a bit of a rehaul it looks to be that the hacker has also gone on to try and decrypt the official Apex Legends Twitter page.  The same message that was displayed across Kings Canyon is now being displayed on the Twitter page and the decryption was last marked at about 55% at 2 a.m. on the 25th of September.


Apex Legends has an interesting way of introducing champions into the arena and this is catching the eyes of players already sparking debate as to what Crypto is looking for.  Are you excited to finally see the hacker known as Crypto join the Apex Games?