Apex Legends has many fans that recreate their love of the game in different ways of art. From stunning art pieces to insanely precise cosplays there is nothing that stops fans from supporting the game. This love even spans to other games as well such as the ever-popular block building game Minecraft. A fan has shown off their recreation of both Bonsai Plaza and Oasis from the Apex Legends map Olympus.

Posted on the Apex Legends subreddit, u/Shaun_eevee showed off their amazing creation of popular landing spot Bonsai Plaza. This Minecraft recreation is absolutely amazing. This makes us want to drop into an Apex Legends version of Minecraft. As stated in the description this took the creator two months to recreate this but it didn’t stop there. Another popular area from the Olympus map, Oasis, was also recreated by the same user.

Not only does Oasis look just as realistic as Bonsai Plaza but you can see how much dedication and time went into both creations. The attention to detail and ability to reproduce both areas shows just makes us want to see more spots created. This is an insanely talented creation and you can follow the Redditor to keep up to date with any more recreations.

Recreating iconic places and sets isn’t anything new but has been around for a while in Minecraft. These recreated spots from Apex Legends are just one of many famous recreated sets that include the likes of Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, and Lord of the Rings to name a few. Ghostwriter diplomarbeit helped to write the article.