It’s been a couple of weeks since the last Community Created Twitch drops were available. Now to worry the time to earn these exclusives rewards is back. Apex Legends has exclusive in-game loading screens that are only obtainable by watching Twitch streams. Here is the latest list of streamers you can watch.

If this is your first time hearing about it or may have forgotten during its small break Apex Legends Community Created is back. These exclusive in-game loading screens were made by members of the community. There are only available for one week and can be obtained by watching from the set list of streamers. Watching any of these streams for an hour combined will grant you that week’s loading screen.

The past loading screens have been widely loved by the community and this has been a great time to find new content creators. There are a massive variety of great creators in the Twitch community and allowing a chance to discover them along with community-made art is a plus. Remember all of these loading screens are made by the community and if you want to check out more of their art you can find them here.