The universe of Apex Legends takes amazing stories and art from all places of the Outlands. There is no shortage of talented fan art that comes from the Apex Legends community. Devs have always shown their love and support for all the amazing things fans have created since the launch of the game. Now the devs are showing even more support in the Apex Legends Community Created.

What is the Community Created?

Community Created items are centered around art and items by fans that Respawn has commissioned for the Legacy season. In the official statement released by Respawn, it all started after Senior Writer Tom Casiello answered a question regarding a rabbit in Octane’s Hare Raiser frame. He then crafted a tale about the rabbit, posted it to Twitter, and later received an amazing piece to accompany the lore. Community artist Noxlotl then created this detailed piece from Octane’s rabbit story.

Apex Legends Octane fan art by Noxlotl

Octane by Noxlotl

Starting with this season there will be custom loading screens, gun charms, & more by community artists that will be available in Apex Legends. The Legacy items will have six unique loading screens including the piece above by Noxlotl. They will only be earned by Twitch drops. More information will be released later regarding the Twitch drops.

In addition to these special in-game items, there will also be comics dropping every Thursday or Friday. These will be community drawn and released once at a time for the next ten weeks in companionship with the comics in-game. A list of all the artists can be found on the official release and the comics will be releasing on Apex Legends Twitter.