After one long year of competition, the day is finally here. $600.000 for the first place, and the glory to be the Blast Premier Global Champion. The number one ranked team in the world against the number three, Who will come out on top? Well, We’re Live on Three!

Map 1: Nuke, Astralis on CT-Side.

Boombl4 drops from twinky to mini and gets two swift kills, allowing the plant upper and giving Na’vi the first pistol.

S1mple gets the 1v3 after losing all his teammates to Astralis’ deagles, and the next round with a silent backstab onto Device consolidates an early 4-0 advantage.

Astralis with only deagles end up retaking the lower bombsite after plant and are finally on the board.

With very strong holds, Astralis resurfaces and takes the lead 5-4, quickly turning 5-5 as Na’vi comes back to the fast pace of the early rounds.

Gla1ve is playing so well supporting outside, holding both mini and flaking secret. Astralis is up to 7-5

Na’vi starts taking back rounds punishing ramp and outside, sadly for Bubskji despite some great shots. Score is tied again 7-7.

The last round of the half, Na’vi wins outside control and stalls the round, eventually compromising and pushing hell to win the round clearing the A bombsite.

Second Half

Flamie holds the line with a 4k down ramp and a 3k next round with an mp9, getting Na’vi up to 9.

Having success lower, Astralis get two rounds of their own.

Efficient trades, map control and S1mple coming in hot get Na’vi up to 14 and slowly getting away with the map.

First Gla1ve clutching up the 1v2 and then Magisk also at lower keep Astralis alive. 11-14. Bubskji is the one to break the chain, messing up his 1v3 and allowing Na’vi to get to 15.

Gla1ve and Dupreeh taking firm control outside save Astralis again, and force Na’vi to only have deagles, but they are more than enough, S1mple gets 2 outside, Perfecto and Flamie, with a jumping p250 headshot nonetheless, close up the first map.


Map 2: Inferno, Na;vi on the CT-Side

Everybody fights down middle, and S1mple gets 3 headshots to get the pistol.

Astralis almost robs the second round with only tec-9s but the defuse with less than 0.1 seconds comes through.

The T’s have success again on the A site, but this time are able to close it, getting into the scoreboard with two rounds. But while repeating the process they lose to pistols, making the score 3-2.

Both teams keep trading frags and rounds up until Na’vi wins yet another round with just pistols, creating a lead of 5 rounds, curiously, using a double boost up the balconies in short A several times.

Boombl4 is fragging out! With a 3k from him and a 3k with deagle from S1mple, The half ends up 10-5.

Second Half

A little action at Banana and then in the A site, Na’vi gets the plant and B1t comes in huge with a 4k total, getting the second pistol for the CIS team.

Clearing the Anti-eco rounds, Device tries to hold A but eventually decides to save their weapons after a plant and no kit.

Na’vi keeps poking banana early and taking A site with much success. Getting up to 10 map, match, and tournament points.

After double faking A, when they take it nobody but Gla1ve gives them a fight, but it turns to tall of a task, and after he falls, Na’vi are crowned Champions of the Blast Premier Global Grand Final, the first big tournament of the year.


After being mentally unreliable and getting 2nd so many times, after coming up from the lower bracket, after experimenting with a 6th player that didn’t do great at the start, Na’vi rallied up big time to take down the number one team in the world, arguably the best team in Counter-strike history. S1mple is the best “second best” player, and Boombl4 is not only a great IGL but also a frag machine. B1t has a bright future, and he has proven he is ready for the big leagues.


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