Battalion 1944 reminds me of a lot of the early days of the Call of Duty franchise, where rifles were king and windows were stations that you planned from. The game is already starting to make its way into the competitive scene with a thriving community of ex-cod2/cod4 professionals. But I want to explore what makes this game so different from other games on the market today?

What is Battalion 1944?

Battalion 1944 is a homage to classic FPS gameplay. It’s a heavy throwback to the old games of Call of Duty that were so popular in the late 90s and early 2000s. This was precisely the studio’s vision for the game as well. The Kickstarter was a huge success. The game boasts the emphasis on team play and constant reliance on map knowledge. The developers are hard focused to make sure that stability is above all else to the game.


What makes this game special?

The game sports an old school style of play that was lost in newer games. Gone are robot dogs and jetpacks, to be replaced with standard grenades and trench guns. Yes, the grenades that have a pin and you must actually throw. Scary thought, I know.

Map focus and knowledge is a key factor to the game, as the maps are diverse. In the Coastal map, you can see the details that were expressed in the layout. Hallways are plenty and windows are vast. Your next death could come from anywhere. This idea makes the game thrilling and unnerving at the same time.

The battle commences between the Axis and Allied sides. Weapons like the M1 Carbine or the Kar98K make their appearances on the correct side of battle. Guns can be collected as you traverse the battlefield so if you run out of ammo, your next shot could come from an enemy weapon.

Why you should be playing it?

On top of the ‘old school’ feel to the game, Battalion 1944 focuses majorly on team play with its popular mode ‘Wartide’. This is a game that you can grab a couple of buddies and hop into a game to see how strong your friendships and communication really are. Ranked is a different matter where the highest skilled players are rewarded with victory.

The maps are gorgeous and sprawling, to where it takes actual focus to cover a site correctly. The Ranked ‘Wartide’ mode finds players working to plant a bomb on either A or B site whilst the opponent team rally to defend the objectives. The maps allow a lot of creative direction to where you can plan, smoke off the site, and plant to give your team the early advantage making it hard for the enemy to fight back.

Purchasing weapons in Ranked is a team thing. Rounds reward tokens which are used to buy weapons, which is a similar but simpler economy format than CS:GO. The best part is tokens can be ‘donated’ between players to help one another afford important weaponry. This is a rare feature that I would love to see in implemented in future games. Why can’t I lend my buddy 5 bucks?

The best part, it’s currently affordable price right now to start playing – $15.00 at the time of writing.

The Future In Esports

CS:GO remains the champion of team-based FPS shooters. However, CS:GO also lacks the updates that can keep it remaining fresh in content. Battalion 1944 has shown that it has the content and skill ceiling required to make it very entertaining for a long period of time. It’s a pure skill-based shooter that requires skill to make your mark. With the recent release, I would expect more tournaments to start popping up in the near future.