Collaborations between video games and other companies have been growing over the past few years. Marketing things such as fashion and music along with popular video games have benefited both companies in the collaboration. On March 30th Apex Legends will also be debuting skins for their first official streetwear collaboration with Chinatown Market.

Chinatown Market is an LA-based streetwear fashion company. The popular company will be collaborating with more than one skin within Apex Legends. First tweeted on March 26th Apex Legends gave us the first look at the Bloodhound Sundown Desperado skin. Fans got another look at the Mic Check Lifeline skin on March 28th hyping up the collab even more.

As mentioned before this isn’t the first time a video game has collaborated with a brand. Over the past few years, Fortnite has shown that in-game concerts and exclusive skins from Marvel are great for collaborations. Apex Legends will most likely debut other skins with the Chinatown Market collab. This also will not be the first time Chinatown Market has worked with a video game company. In the past, they have also worked NBA 2k and FaZe Clan.

Will you be grabbing these skins when they drop?