The current season of Apex Legends for many has felt a bit lackluster compared to others. Fans have voiced both their praise and displeasure for the current season of the game. The current comic quest is a very amazing storyline but hasn’t captured the interest of The Broken Ghost storyline. Thanks to a post on Twitter by writer Tom Casiello we know Apex Legends is working on the biggest quest since The Broken Ghost.

It is no secret fans were left disappointed with the follow up of Ash’s big reveal. The Broken Ghost storyline gave fans plenty of theories with more questions than answers. The follow up wasn’t as exciting but still fun to see comics take the main stage over the small amount of gameplay when Ash was being assembled.

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Ash – The Broken Ghost

Now Tom Casiello dropping a massive announcement on this storyline that involves all the legends. What could this mean for the future of Apex Legends? Will this final bring Blisk into the Apex Games which has seemed inevitable from the start? There are so many questions we need answers to but for now, we will sit and wait.