Apex Legends has had an amazing kick-off with Season 5 Fortune’s Favor. This season has brought more story-driven gameplay with the addition of the ‘Broken Ghost‘ quests. We see the legends team up to uncover technology for Loba while trying to figure out her intentions. There is one question that remains the same, however. Who is the ‘Broken Ghost‘?

As, Revenant, Apex Legends

Ash appears in Revenant’s trailer

The obvious answer fans will most likely tell you is the Broken Ghost is Ash. For those who don’t know who Ash is she is another simulacrum from Titanfall 2. She served under the current Apex Games organizer Kuben Blisk. This could bring her storyline back into the Apex Games after she is defeated, revived, and looking for revenge. Not only does she make an appearance in Revenant’s trailer but she also makes an appearance in the form of a mask in Loba’s trailer.

This theory is only supported more by the fact that Wattson saw and was attacked by a ghost in the quest.

Could Ash be the ‘Broken Ghost‘? It is very likely but there are plenty of other fan theories as to who the character could be. Here are some well thought out fan theories.

Revenant is the Broken Ghost

My theory on the broken ghost from r/ApexLore

 A New AI is the Broken Ghost

Theory on the traitor and who the Broken Ghost really is. from r/ApexLore

Wraith from another dimension and Forge being resurrected into a new legend (possibly Rampart) are just some of the other theories being tossed around. While we highly suspect Ash to be the ‘Broken Ghost‘ there is no denying that the Apex Legends fanbase has great concepts for other characters to be the ghost. It is pretty clear that Forge was only meant to throw data miners off but we never know what Respawn could be planning.