Apex Legends events are something fans have been looking forward to since they came out. An array of new cosmetics, voice lines, and LTMs are what make us excited for Apex events. A while back in Season 3 it was leaked that a Valentines Day event was coming. Sure enough, it is looking to be the next event on the list. With this special event, it only makes sense for Duos Mode to return as well.

Voice lines and a Valentines inspired Nessy badge was added to Apex during the Season 4 launch. The more interesting code was showing us we would be getting Solos & Duos Mode back sometime soon. Thanks to prominent data miners That1MiningGuy and Shrugtal they gave us a look at the code.

Now we know you can take that special someone in your life and drop into Worlds Edge with them. The Duos LTM will be running from the 12th – 19th according to Shrugtal.

Not much else has been added for the Valentines event but we can be sure there will be more to come.

How excited are you for Duos to make its long-awaited return to Apex Legends?