This season of Apex Legends is almost coming to its end. There are only a few weeks left until the new season drops. Right now there is still time for new stuff to drop during Legacy. Just announced is the next event coming to Apex Legends known as The Thrillseekers Event.

Kicking off on July 13th the Thrillseekers Event will feature a new Arenas map and 3 weeks’ worth of challenges. Event exclusive cosmetics will also be available along with returning cosmetics. The new Arenas map is called Overflow. It is a big map with tall lava-filled structures. A map perfect for snipers or players who love to flank.

Apex Legends Overflow - Arenas Map Thrillseekers Event

Apex Legends – Overflow

As mentioned earlier there will also be new challenges that you can complete for exclusive cosmetics. There will be 3 weeks’ worth of items to collect on the Prize Tracker. 2 Legends skins, weapon cosmetics, and weapon charms will be available along with Battle Pass levels.

Apex Legends Thrillseekers Event Prize Tracker

Apex Legends Thrillseekers Event Rewards

In addition to these rewards, there will also be more exclusive cosmetics to collect during the event. A few returning skins will also be available which include the Wraith Voidwalker and Bloodhound Youngblood. These skins will be event exclusive and may return in the future but if you don’t have them nows the time to grab them.