Season 5 of Apex Legends has been off to an amazing start. A few weeks in and we have seen plenty of intriguing storylines along with questions we need answers to. One particular question being asked is who could be the next legend? Is the Broken Ghost quests leading us to the next legend? Is the snitch in the storyline a new legend? Is there already an in-game hint as to whom the next legend is? One data miner might have the answer for us.

A data miner by the name of Suum recently had some input regarding the drill currently being used in the Broken Ghost quests.

This doesn’t seem too much to go on regarding Rampart but That1MiningGuy might have given us more insight regarding Rampart as the next added legend.

While there is still no clue as to what legend could be next we know theories are still being thrown around. Other names such as Ash and Blisk have been said. For now, all we do is wait and see what Respawn has in store for us.