If you play Apex Legends then you most likely keep up to date with information on the game. You probably also thought Revenant was the next legend to debut in Season 4. Don’t worry so did many other players as well. Revenant was first introduced in the Halloween event during Season 3. This led many to believe he would be getting the Crypto debut treatment but oh how Respawn pulled a fast one on us. A new legend that no one heard of known as Forge was data-mined shortly after the Halloween event. Now Forge is the newest legend to come to the Apex Games but why? After so many files were added to the game for Revenant why is Forge making his debut first? Well here are some good fan theories about the newest legend ‘Forge‘.

Shrugtal’s Theory

osccry Reddit Theory

Forge might be just a cover up for Hammond to get Revenant into the Apex Games. from r/ApexLore

That1MiningGuy’s Theory

Most of these theories are very similar to each other. Whether we do get one legend or both will remain to be seen when Season 4 launches. What do you think about the newest legend Forge? Do you think he is a coverup to something bigger happening in the Apex Games? Is he just a ploy for Revenant to come in and introduce other big-name legends like Blisk? For now, all we can do is wait and see.

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