In the past Apex Legends has given us different editions of their game. While the popular battle royale is free you can spend some cash to get an exclusive edition with exclusive cosmetics. Currently, there are the Bloodhound, Lifeline, Pathfinder, and Octane Editions of the game. Now it has been revealed a new Champions Edition is set to be released. In the trailer, for the latest edition, it sounded like the next champion coming to the Apex Games is none other than Horizon.

We all know by now that a new legend joins us in Apex every season but Mirage almost gave us the name of whom the next legend is. Towards the end of the trailer, he starts with “Ho-” and cuts his sentence off there. Now there have been rumors going around that Valk is no longer the next legend in line to debut but Horizon is. According to one of the latest leaks Horizon was set to debut in Season 10 but it looks like the devs have other plans.

So far there have been leaks regarding Horizon and her abilities but with the trailer came a small update. Tere is a teaser that leads you into the Firing Range and leads you on a set of quests. Once you finish those quests you have the ability to see another major teaser of Horizon. Thanks to a video posted on Reddit by velkass you can see what happens after completing those challenges.

This is what happens when you complete all of “wee” challenges. Note that Horizon doesnt call you to go back to the firing range, at least in my case. You also get a badge and a charm from r/ApexUncovered

Who here is excited for Apex Legends Season 7 just on the Horizon?