The events in Apex Legends are something players look forward to. Seeing what new cosmetics and events Respawn has come up for your favorite character always excites us. The Apex Legends System Override event is the latest event to be announced and here’s why you should be excited about it.

First off we are getting a new LTM that takes place on two maps. Worlds Edge and Kings Canyon will host the event known as Deja Loot. The new LTM will have loot spawn in the same place every game. Rings will also be fixed on a daily basis. This new LTM will also introduce the highly anticipated Evo Shield. This shield will rank level up every kill that you get. You will only be able to max up to five shield bars which is one more than the legendary gold armor.

System Override tracker

“Don’t Believe Hammond”

Along with the event, you will have a tracker to accumulate points and unlock new skins. New cosmetics are something we all look forward to. Reddit user FrozenFroh has also pointed out that the greyed out letters in the tracker spell out “Don’t Believe Hammond”.

The last big announcement for the event is the addition of a new heirloom. This heirloom will be for Octane and is a combination of a butterfly knife and a syringe.

Heirloom items have changed as well here are the changes coming to heirloom sets.

heirloom set changes, SaladGuy-RSPN

How excited are you for the upcoming Apex Legends System Override event?