Season 2 of Apex Legends is almost over with just less than 2 weeks to go including the close of the first ranked series that was included in Season 2. Ranked Series 2 will start as of October 1st with rewards for the previous series being added the same day. It was already well noted that the next ranked series will have its chances to be more aggressive and competitive. EA & Respawn have just information regarding the next ranked series and it’s already making some big changes so let’s get into the information.


What are the changes coming in Ranked Series 2?


Starting off we know we are going to get a soft reset of the ranks so you don’t have to worry about climbing out of bronze and that soft reset will take you down 1.5 tiers. Taking the quote directly from the press release of EA this is how your rank will look after the soft reset: “If you ended Series 1 in Gold II, you’ll be reset to Silver IV. Players in Platinum IV will be reset to Silver II, and Apex Predators will be reset to Platinum II.” The things that are staying the same is you still have to be level 10 to play ranked, Tiers & Divisions will stay the same and premade teams will still queue you based on the highest member of your team.


Scoring, RP Entry Cost, & Kills/Assists and Multipliers

Entering games and the amount of RP you gained depending on where you placed was fairly simple. You could gain 12 RP for winning with an additional point for every kill you got (5 Kill Cap) for a total of 17 Points. Simple right? Now with the new Series coming up the cost of entry and points awarded is going to be higher. Points are going to be inflated by 10x but to understand why let’s look at the entry cost.

  • Bronze matches are still free
  • Silver matches cost 12RP
  • Gold matches cost 24RP
  • Platinum matches cost 36RP
  • Diamond matches cost 48RP
  • Apex Predator matches cost 60RP

Assists will also count towards the kill count final, still capping at 5, and the way assists will count is if the player does damage to an enemy 5 seconds before being knocked down. If the player who is knocked gets revived then the assist is cleared. Assist credits will only be given to teammates who earn the kill and you cannot get an assist & kill on a single opponent.

Here is a more in-depth look into scoring for next series:

Image via EA & Respawn


Apex Predator

Players who hit the highest rank, Apex Predator, will no longer have just have their RP shown in-game but will also now also see their standings worldwide. The rankings will be split by platform so there will be three #1 players for each respective platform: PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.


Rewards, Penalties, and Loss Forgiveness

As mentioned earlier rewards will be issued once the new series start. The following rewards will be issued as so:

  • Everyone will receive a badge for the highest level reached.
  • Platinum players and higher will receive an exclusive weapons charm for the highest level reached.
  • Diamond and Apex Predator players will receive a dive trail for the highest level reached and it can be enabled/disabled in Loadout section.

Ranked Series 2 will start with leaver penalties meaning players who abandon matches (Ranked and Normal) during champion select, before dropping, during the game while you are still alive or if you have died and you still can be revived. Penalty times start at 5 minutes and will increase with each repeat abandon up to a week. Loss Forgiveness will stay the same as Respawn has mentioned it is working as intended. Players who disconnect from the game due to technical issues out of their control will not lose RP.

EA & Respawn making these changes to Ranked in Apex is a good start at keeping it fresh and still making it challenging for the players who love to grind out a more competitive version of the game. This season will seem to be more aggressive with a heavy focus on players fighting for that top spot in ranked.


For the official press release from EA regarding Ranked Series 2 you can check it out here.