The anticipation for the latest season of Apex Legends has been nothing short of monumental. Since being announced that more Titanfall content would be shown off this season fans are counting down the days till Season 9 launches. The release of the ‘Northstar’ only made Valkyrie’s debut even bigger for the upcoming season. Now the official launch trailer for Apex Legends Season 9 ‘Legacy’ has exceeded all expectations.

Players that might have noticed holos around Kings Canyon and Olympus. This is a reference to an easter egg by accepting an invitation by getting a keycard from a care package and scanning the holos. This allows you to go to the firing range and get a sneak peek at the arena teaser. The same is teased more in the Legacy trailer along with Ash who looks to be controlling the arena.

apex legends legacy trailer - valkyrie

Apex Legends – Legacy Trailer

The trailer shows off fights in what looks like Worlds Edge and Kings Canyon. We get to see Valkyrie in action as well with an amazing line where she claims that she owns the skies. We also get a look at the newest weapon which is the Bocek Bow. The gameplay trailer will be launching on the 26th and we can only hope it’s as amazing as the Legacy trailer.