Ever since Apex Legends has dropped onto the battle royale scene it has captivated fans. A rich storyline that stems from the popular Titanfall games has kept hardcore fans wanting more. There have been plenty of references, callbacks, and even some characters from the Titanfall games making their way into the Apex storylines. Now during a recent live stream, Respawn devs have confirmed that Season 9 of Apex Legends will feature a ton of Titanfall content.

Titanfall 2 - Apex Legends

Titanfall 2

On a recent livestream hosted by BrownGirlGamerCode, a panel of Respawn devs gave us some information regarding the upcoming season. Apex Legends senior writer Ashley Reed explained more about the ties between the two games.

“What’s going on in Titanfall is a war, Apex is what happens after the war, like what is life like in this place?” Reed explained. “So we’re trying to integrate Titanfall into that because Titanfall’s very much a part of the universe.”

Apex Legends Bangalore - G7 Scout

Apex Legends – Bangalore

There is much more than just references and callbacks to the Titanfall games casual fans may not know about. Those who have never played the Titanfall games may not know that the weapons in Apex or the Leviathans/Moyais are also from Titanfall. Now with that in mind Chad Grenier, the Game Director for Apex Legends, had this to say.

“Next season, Season 9, you’re actually going to see a ton of Titanfall coming back into the game, in one way or another, I’ve told some people before, if you’re a Titanfall fan, hang on for Season 9 because there’s gonna be some really cool stuff there.”

How excited are you for more Titanfall content to make its way into Apex Legends?