A few weeks ago fans were given a teaser and first look at Horizon the newest legend in Apex Legends. This was a major surprise since fans were expecting Valk to be next. However, the devs had something else planned and we couldn’t be more excited for Horizon’s debut. A new entry in Stories from the Outlands gives us a first look into Horizon’s backstory. We also get a glimpse at what Apex Legends Season 7 may look like.

In the lore, Horizon was betrayed by her colleague and left to do in space. Many fans were speculating this might actually be Ash before becoming a simulacrum which is why we saw her in the Broken Ghost storyline. This would make sense as to why Horizon is next in line to debut. Along with the new video that was released Apex also released a little bit of information regarding Season 7 on their website.

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We got a hint in the Broken Ghost that Olympus might be the next map and it has officially been confirmed. The newest map will replace Kings Canyon for both ranked and normal gameplay. A new place called The Trident is also set to debut and not much information has been given for it. Clubs will be introduced into Apex Legends along with a new battle pass, the Steam launch, and a new ranked season.

How excited are you for Apex Legends Season 7?